Social Change From Same-sex Weddings

Australia has been waiting only too long for marriage equality.

Seventeen countries currently allow same-sex couples to wed, most changing laws since 2010. We are restrained in Australia by constitutional paperwork and voter opinions ranking priority elsewhere (1).

Not only do the constitutional amendments provide resolve and legal protection for many couples, but will drive so much positive social change.

Australia is set to enter a new generation of social acceptance after same-sex marriage is introduced. Gay parents will become more common in the community and recognised for the loving and caring environment they provide. Open displays of affection will stop raising eyebrows and the gay migration from Perth to Sydney may slow.

Closet, transgender and questioning teens will gain confidence from strong role models as old stereotypes are blown out of the water (Modern Family?). We can only hope LGBTI youth suicide rates decrease from double that of their peers (2). The gay children of tomorrow will be better equipped to live fulfilling lives in the supporting country that Australia should be.

Hopefully before too long the LGBTI community wont need to travel the world seeking refuge for legalised marriage and do it only by choice.

Check out Australian Marriage (3) or show your support through GetUp (4), facebook groups like I’m Australian and I support marriage equality (5), Equal Love (6), Equal Marriage Rights Australia (7) among many more. For the more politically minded, the Greens are a strong force (8) we cant ignore.

Watch the phenomenal production from GetUp. It says so much without saying much at all.